Hugot Cafe: Ang Paboritong Lugar Ng Mga Sawi #WalangForever

Millenials nowadays find themselves to set aside a certain portion of their day just to reminisce of ‘what used to be’ and ‘what could be’. Hence, it’s inevitable for us to draw out “hugot” phrases every now and then. I’ve come across this cafe that I swear to oh-so-sweet Jesus was made for me. “HUGOT CAFE” is the newest and honestly the most daring cafe yet to hit the streets of the Philippines.

It’s main concept is remarkable. It’s able to tackle both the poignant and humorous sides of what people experience in every relationship they’ve had or wish they have. Still quite lost? Let me break it down to you in a way that every Filipino will understand; The Hugot Cafe is like the movie ‘One More Chance’ wherein every Filipino in the world can relate to the issues of Popoy and Basha. The Hugot Cafe makes us feel the mistakes of ‘Basha’ leaving ‘Popoy’ amidst everything they’ve been through. It also relives all the pain and suffering ‘Popoy’ had to endure in order to move on.


Whether you’re single, in a relationship or  in a “it’s complicated” situation you will be able to relate to at least one item on their menu. From their “Paasa” Milkshakes to “Binestfriend” Cheese Fries. The Cheese Fries hits close to home as it reminds me of that old tale of Budjoy saying this line to Ned “Oo, kaibigan mo ako. Kaibigan MO LANG AKO. And I’m so stupid to make the biggest mistake of falling in love with my best friend!” 


MOVING ON (daw).

What’s your favorite ‘hugot’ line? Below are my ultimate favorites from different ‘sawi’ movies from an article posted in Read the full article here:

(c) [Minsan Minahal Kita (2000)]
(c) [Milan (2004)]
(c) [My Amnesia Girl (2010)]
(c) [One More Chance (2007)]
Check awesome photos of the Hugot Cafe from certified foodies below:

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"Walang tayo kasi two-timer ka."

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Hugot Cafe is located at Second Floor, XRC Building, 3702 Hermosa Corner Limay Street, Tondo, Manila


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