Let’s bring #Curvy back

If you haven’t heard, the #Curvy on instagram has been banned. This hits hard to home since I personally search that hashtag to see how plus size women all over the world dress up. In a country where ‘thin-is-the-only-thing-in’, it’s quite difficult to know how to dress your size. I’ve always been so insecure to post an outfit post over Instagram / tumblr / Facebook afraid of what people might say. “Ay, ang kapal ng mukha mag #ootd” — is just one of the comments I’ve received before. But when I heard that #Curvy has been deleted I decided to step up and protest along with other plus size women all over the world.

You know what, this is my body and I should feel okay to wear anything that I want. I was surprised how supportive people can be if you show them you can stand up for yourself. I was ecstatic to see that my own Instagram post featured in Identities Mic, a New York based news website written by Ms Theresa Avila. Read full article here.

bring curvy back






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