#IciasList Mad Fest 2014: Kimbra Live in MNL

This was my FIRST ever music festival, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I don’t really know Kimbra’s songs except for “somebody that I used to know” – with Gotye (where is that man?). Nonetheless, after watching her live I’m now a certified fan!

image image image

Festivals are never complete without some awesome grub to munch on. Quite happy to see one of my sponsors for Ballet Manila set-up a food concession stand: Crunchybelly by Carlos’ Kitchen. Sound familiar? You might have seen them in multiple food bazaars year round (including Best Food Forward). image image image

So what is so special about these crunchy pork bellies? It’s pork belly deep fried to its crunchiest state – what’s not to love? This relative of chicharon can be served on it’s on OR paired with rice, which can both can satisfy your pork cravings. To simplify, it’s a cross between chicharon and bagwang. Pop it like popcorn, but just take note of your cholesterol levels. image image image Met Saab Magalona! She is one awesome chick. Thank you for your ‘hard work’ in getting us back stage lol image image

Thanks for coming with me beshy!!!!! image

#Urbandub excuse the uber fan girl smile. Mad Fest 2014 was held at MOA Concert Grounds


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