Best Food Forward: The Cookie Battle


So for all those who visited Best Food Forward 2014 the first thing you’ll notice is that majority of the food stalls consist of the sweet stuff. From your good old chocolate chip cookies to sushi-shaped chocolate bites!  But one thing was on my mind, which one can give me THE best cookie experience.

I’ve tasted around 7-10 cookies from different stalls but only 3 stood out. These 3 stores are Love, AgnessiM & E Patisserie and The Bearded Baker. 

  1. Love, Agnessi’s = BEST White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie 
    First of all, I adore the packaging. Kudos to the owners for placing all contact details in each pouch (even the #, brilliant), it’s easier for us foodies to trace you guys. Unlike most White Chocolate Macadamia cookies that’s 80% dough with 20% chocolate and macadamia, this one is a complete turn-around. There’s about a 50:50 ratio of dough and add-ons, completely balanced. Each bite has that crunch you’re craving for from the Macadamia and has that warm white chocolate to complement it.



0917 529 1816  / / @loveagnessi

2. M&E Patisserie = Best Booth Presentation + Best Unique Flavor 

How you represent your booth as well as how you treat your customers is as important as your product. This booth seriously has the friendliest staff in the whole Food Fair! Well of course you still have to have the goods to back it up and they definitely do. I don’t know about you guys but personally I find their cookie and brownie flavors quite unique.


They have this amazing Pistachio Revel Bar and Oatmeal ala Dulce de Leche Cookie. Wasn’t able to take a photo of the Revel bar ’cause I ate it right away! Since Pistachio is like nuts for Angels, I expected it to have just small almost grounded bits of it. But this Revel Bar has some big chunks all over (not just toppings).

Below is the Dulce de Leche chookie and I dare say this is an ex-wife filled with revenge. It may seem simple just to show innocence, but once you take a bite…. it is just incredibly sinful. It’s so good so you can’t have just one bite. It has this soft yema tasting (maybe it is) filling that goes great with the oatmeal dough. Must try everyone!


M&E Facebook Page / Mobile: 0917 872 3153 or 0998 9592358 / 

3. Best Chocolate Chip Cookies by the Bearded Baker

Alright, definitely saving the best for last. Yes, I tasted ALL the cookies in Best Food Forward and not one cookie comes close to the Bearded Baker. I believe they’re one of the few who was SOLD OUT as early as 6PM last Sunday night. Just proves they all keep coming back for more.

IMG_20141013_093829One of the aspects why it stands out is that it’s a big cookie. When they say it’s a Monster cookie, they’re completely serious. At first it may seem, nah – not that big. But once you’re half way there, damn this is a really big cookie. Okay enough about the size, let me just take a moment and say that this has the best texture out of all the cookies. Of course, all the stalls provide you with good taste but most of them are completely dry. But not from the Bearded Baker!

IMG_20141012_161028 0917 900 2724 / The Bearded Baker Facebook Page / @TheBeardedBakerPH

So out of the three who gave me the best cookie experience? 







There you have it folks! Best Cookie from the Best Food Forward 2014 is from the Bearded Baker! Again I’m astounded with the amount of Chocolate Chips they provide in each giant cookie. Guess what Foodies! They deliver even small orders as long as you’re in Makati City.





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