Sundates at Refinery (updated)


Bad week? Sometimes all you need is a cup of coffee with your best friend. Yes, my “beshy” and I have coffee (sometimes with dinner) every Sunday for the past couple of weeks. Both of our jobs demand 24/7 of our time, but we agreed that Sundays are for our weekly Sundates (hi Arianne). My beshy and I seriously never run out of things to talk about — and we just had drinks the night before. After years of searching, I dare say we just found our Central Perk. 

We tried this new place called Refinery in Rockwell (where Figaro used to be). We ordered the Salted Caramel Latte; tell me that doesn’t make your mouth water even for just a bit. So that’s milk + coffee + sea salt + caramel. There has been tons of recipes out there with “Salted Caramel” as the main attraction. But this one beats all those suckers to the punch. Unlike other Sea Salt Caramel creations which are either too sweet or too salty, this one has that perfect blend that will make your taste buds melt.

10665076_10152277059651673_7296428368049185022_nTo ease up onto our night shift “kwento” session with my beshy I ordered the (non-alcoholic) Mojito. At first sip it was intensely sour. The kind wherein your face scrunches for a few seconds, but it’s good so you take another sip. If you want a steady refreshing drink just ask them to add a shot of light syrup then you’re good to go. This is my go-to drink to cap of a long, intense, girl-bonding session.


But there’s one thing I really don’t fancy – THE TOILET. In all my visits it has always been unhygienic. There were tissues scattered across the floor and it smelled funny. Please do improve on this cause it’s such a waste of interior. I would prolong my stay but that issue hinders me from doing so.

Refinery is located at Joya Building, Rockwell (it used to be Figaro).

Ice Sea Salt Caramel Latte: P160

Mojito: P150


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