8 Cuts, Rockwell

Calling all burger fanatics! Ever wanted to FULLY customize your dream burger? This form of control doesn’t just revolve around what toppings to get. It includes even the distinct blend of the beef patty; from the specific cut to the spices it’s mixed with. I dare say our prayers have been answered.


What separates 8 Cuts from other DIY burger joints is that it has premium burger blends to choose from. It’s called 8 Cuts because their beef patty blends consists of: Chuck, Rib Eye, Short Rib, Sirloin, Brisket, Hanger, Flank and Ox Tail. These so called blends are the following:

  • The House Blend (short rib+ribeye): meaty + juicy + classic
  • The Beef Bomb (chuck+short rib): fresh + well balanced + great all-around
  • The Steak Cut (sirloin+chuck): rich + loves sharp & tangy toppings + no nonsense
  • The Big Game (hanger+brisket): bold+gamey+aged beef flavors
  • The Ox Blend (flank+oxtail+ribeye): intense + beefy + tasty

As said earlier you can fully customize your burger, but of course we have some lazy folks up in the house (that’s me) who would rather choose a ready made one. Below is their burger menu with pre-made toppings:

8-cuts-in-rockwell-mall22The ones I’ve tried and tested are: Q-Daddy, The Piggy and Rising Shroom. Q-Daddy (no photo sorry!) is for those champs who really wants something different. It has Cheddar, Onion tanglers (love), crispy bacon, Jalapeno Ranch (for the spicy ladies) and special barbecue sauce. I was not disappointed from this pre-made masterpiece. At first having onion tanglers seems a bit weird but it actually adds that extra crispiness the burger deserves.


The Piggy (above):  This is for folks who prefer burgers more on the simple side. It has cripsy bacon, cheddar and some special bacon sauce. Even though the burger as a whole tastes pretty legendary I wish there was more bacon. It only has 2 small strips stacked in-between. It’s called The Piggy since it’s made for Bacon lovers like me, so please add more bacon 8cuts!


Rising Shroom (above): This is for the all the dare devils out there. I’ve never actually encountered anything like it, have you? It’s your beef blend of choice topped with oyster mushroom tempura and truffle creamed cheese. Sounds a bit weird right? But the combination contains the right kind of sweet and saltiness it deserves. Just a warning to all clean freaks, since it has 2 types of ‘sauces’ it will be a messy yet delightful experience.

Flavored Onion Rings

Now let me just take a moment and give a slow clap to 8 Cuts for the best Onion Rings I’ve ever had. For merely P80 you get a huge serving of their special onion rings. What makes them so special? They’re not just fried to perfection but it’s also sprinkled with some magic barbecue-esque powder. How come other restaurants don’t do this? Crispy coating with soft onion slices on the inside.

Price Range: P250-450 

8 Cuts is located at Lower Ground floor, Powerplant mall, Rockwell, Makati City.



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