Farewell dinner at El Chupacabra

It’s been a century since I last wrote here on le blogue. 2014 has been a whirlwind of surprises for me; a memorable year that’s for sure. Moving on, I had my farewell dinner with a few friends from my SC Johnson Family about a week ago. We ate in El Chupacabra near Rockwell in Makati City. If you haven’t heard of it, damn son, you’re missing half of yo life mister. 


The ambiance is Mexico – legit. Red fusion lights and upbeat music to celebrate that perfect night. Their tacos consists of non-traditional ingredients such as fish & sisig. Damn. Their Sisig Taco is TO DIE for. Mix it up with their garlic or spicy sauce and I swear, you can feel your taste buds sing ARRRIIIIIBBBBAAAAA!!!

Sisig Taco
Sisig Taco

In terms of guilt drinks they have this milk that comes with their set meals. On its own it tastes likesweetened milk which was a bit weird to serve right? But when you drink it after eating one of their spicy tacos the combination is heavenly. Trust their expertise my friends, this taco shed really knows what they’re cooking. 

Tacos and Quesadillas
Tacos and Quesadillas



(c) Photos from Kimmy Pastorfide and Ida Fiecas

Price range: P99-P250 

El Chupacabra is located at 5782 Felipe street, Makati City. (It’s just behind the Iglesia ni Kristo church across Ringside boxing)


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