Down under

Yes, I do master the disappearing act. The reason for so is that I’ve been living in the country down under: Australia! It’s been 31 days since I came here, and with a little push I might just never leave. This country is so beautiful in all factors; from public transportation to common courtesy. Yes, believe it or not Aussies are incredibly nice. The type of “nice” that will help you carry 10 grocery bags even when they’re carrying 11.  Coming from Manila that type of “nice” is hard to get used to since we have this mentality to always be defensive.

One more great thing about this country is that it is very tourist friendly. They have Information/Visitor centers almost everywhere wherein you can inquire and book your tour packages. With that said I will not only dedicate this blog for my international foodscapades but will also feature must see places and some useful tips for tourists as well.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House
Selfie with a Kangaroo
Selfie with a Kangaroo

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