Japanese Kitkat now available in the Philippines [Updated Jan 2015]

Who here are big fans of kitkat? You know the milk chocolate-wafer goodness that you think is the best in the world. But hold on, what are these?







Japanese Kitkats with flavors I never thought possible! They have Green Tea or Macha in two versions: Sakura and Uji-Matcha (personal favorite). They also have Blueberry cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, brown sugar, and strawberry flavored kitkats!

Few years ago you can only have a taste of these unique flavors as pasalubong when a friend travels to Japan. But now you can buy these in Manila! The only downfall is that it’s more expensive.

[UPDATE – NOVEMBER 2014] – I just tried a NEW flavor: WASABI:

2014-11-04 09.43.09 2014-11-04 09.44.00

So how does the wasabi flavored kit kat taste like? It’s not spicy don’t worry! It imitated perfectly the unique taste that wasabi has without the nose scorching heat it usually comes with. It’s quite creamy and sweet! I like it.

Places where you can buy Japanese Kitkats:

1. Taste Central: http://www.tastecentral.com (Most convenient)

You can buy all the flavors in one site and have your kitkats delivered on your doorstep! Hassle free

KitKat Price range: P150-P700

2. Greenhills Shopping Center, 2nd floor, new mall side, beside the elevator

If you’re not in favor of online shopping then you can go over to green hills. This has to be the most expensive store.

Kitkat Price range: P700-P1500 

3. Teppen Japanese and Korean Grocery (Cheapest)

(Marvin Plaza Makati along Chino Roces ave. corner Herera)

If you’ve never tried any of these kitkats then I suggest you go to this store first since they sell per piece. It’s the building corner of Shell Gas Station and Goldilocks in Chino Roces, Makati City.

Kitkat Price range: P40 (two mini bars) – P480 (cheapest!) 

I heard you can also buy at Cash & Carry Makati, at a japanese store on the second floor. 

There you have it! Time to indulge!

(c) Photos are from http://www.tastecentral.com

4. Japan Home Centre/Daiso/Landmark Supermarket

“Check out your nearest Japan Home Centre / Daiso. I was able to get a pack of 12 Kit Kat Green Tea bars for only Php200. Also, check out Landmark Makati’s international food section.” -Chorva (viewer submitted)


5. Family Mart: Yup, you heard it right. Green Tea Kit Kat is available throughout all Family Mart branches! A whole pack of 12pcs (mini) for P238.


19 Comments Add yours

  1. Nic says:

    Are korean ice creams cheaper in wang mart or in teppen? Thanks.

    1. iciaramirez says:

      Teppen 🙂 Little difference, like P2-5 only

  2. Chorva says:

    I know a grocery in the metro that sells the Green Tea variety at Php 210 per pack of 12 minis. Secret muna until I get my fill baka maubos kaagad ang supply eh:)

  3. loi almendares says:

    check this out… they sell green tea kitkat @ p340.00 (12pcs)

  4. Chorva says:

    Check out your nearest Japan Home Centre / Daiso. I was able to get a pack of 12 Kit Kat Green Tea bars for only Php200. Also, check out Landmark Makati’s international food section.

    1. iciaramirez says:

      Thank you for the info!

  5. bullies says:

    Hi. Do you have a number of the teppen japanese store in makati? I will just ask if the kitkat green tea is available. Thank you,

    1. iciaramirez says:

      I don’t, I’m sorry. But hey I heard Landmark supermarket now sells it, you can try there!

  6. bullies says:

    And if the kitkat bought from there is in a pack or separate per piece.

    1. iciaramirez says:

      Separate pieces either in minis (2 small wafers) or 4pack (4wafers).

    2. iciaramirez says:

      Hi, the kit kats are per piece. Sorry but I dont have their contact info.

      Many thanks

  7. Precious says:

    How many flavors does kitkat have??Is it all available at teppen?? Thanks 🙂 I’m planning to buy some tom.

  8. Neil Navarrete says:

    Hi, we are selling kitkats from japan. as of now, we have matcha, chilli and cream cheese. thanks!

  9. jessa says:

    @treatsonus in instagram sells not just yummmy kitkat! they also have pther imported goodies!

  10. Clari Says says:

    They’re selling KitKat Green Tea at S&R around Php200. I think I saw Strawberry Cheesecake as well. Not sure about the price though as I prefer the Green Tea. Yummy! 😀 ❤ I haven't tried Wasabi flavoured KitKat but it intrigues me. I'll gather up some courage to try hehe

    1. Clari Says says:

      By the way, there are three different kinds of KitKat Green Tea. *mind blown! 😀 Not sure if all three are available here. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/smartertravel/the-shocking-secret-of-the-green-tea-kit-kat_b_7165682.html

    2. iciaramirez says:

      ooh thanks for the tip! I also wanna try the Cherry Blossom flavor. I think it’s green tea with hint of cherry blossom. I dont know what that’s like haha

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