Out in the real world

I apologized for disappearing for months.. In turn I will dish out goods from different restaurants all in one post. As some of you may know I’ve started working for 7th Stage Production House as a Marketing Associate and website manager. I work on their new production “2 by Guerrero: Three Rats and Basketball Fight” starring Alec Dungo, Yves Flores and Jai Agpangan of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition four, as well as Mehran Khaledi, Marc Alcala, Vincent Ricafrente and introducing, Nicole Borgonia.

If you want to know more about the stage play go to

http://www.7thstagePH.tk for more details and ticket inquiries

Work and thesis are so stressful, unlike food. Yes. Food, makes me happy (sabaw). Anyway, here are some of the goodies I’ve munched on for the past few weeks.

1. Carlo’s Pizza, Tagaytay City

2013-04-30 12.44.46
Milano Pizza

First stop from our stress eating sessions is Carlo’s Pizza in Tagaytay (no we didn’t go there for fun, it was for school huhu). My thesis mate and I ordered the Milano Pizza and Penne Pasta. The Milano is your basic Bacon and Mozarella cheese combo on a thin crust pizza. The Bacon is soft to bite, unlike how other pizza chains do theirs. Personally, it would taste better if the bacon is a bit on the crunchy side to really bring out the flavor, otherwise it can be mistaken for just ham.


2013-04-30 12.46.03

The Penne Pasta is again your basic cheese, ground beef and Mozarella cheese topped with some slices of pepperoni for that extra kick. It’s basically a lasagna using a different type of noodle (penne), even so this Penne ala’ lasagna style is just heavenly. The cheese does that long gooey stretch (which I love) and the Pepperoni slices really adds a bit of spice into the flavor mix.

Milano Pizza, 9″ inches: P220

Penne Pasta: P175


2. King Sisig, EGI Taft Tower

Peppermint Chili Ice Cream Overload
Peppermint Chili Ice Cream Overload

While trying to cool off we came across this unique ice cream at King Sisig; Peppermint ice cream mixed with chili topped with nuts, marshmallows and chocolate syrup. Don’t fret! It’s actually pretty good, contrary to what you may think the combination of flavors works. The cool feeling of Peppermint combined with the sweetness of the toppings blends in perfect harmony with the chili. No, it’s not the type of chili you put in your siomai but rather grinded Hot Pepper (pulang sili). It has a cooling sensation that brings out an ultimate sugar rush with a slight spicy kick.

The only problem I found is it’s texture; it’s not creamy at all, just frozen. It was a bit of a challenge to scoop down till the end of the cup.

Peppermint Chili Ice Cream: P49 


3. Kesong Puti ice cream by Magnolia


2013-05-01 18.27.47

From all of  Magnolia’s “Best of the Philippines collection”, Kesong Puti is a definite eye catcher. I mean, who doesn’t love kesong puti? I advise everyone to go to the nearest supermarket and buy this NOW! Yet again a mixture of contrasting flavors: sweet and salty (fave combination). Compared to regular ice cream, this is so much creamier. It appears to be more frothy compared to others. I can’t wait to try the other flavors of this collection, good job Magnolia!

2013-05-01 18.27.28


For an even better experience, drop a few scoops on top of a warm pancake. You won’t regret it.

Kesong Puti ice cream: P235


So that’s about it, I promise to really update this blog as regularly as possible!



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