Mary Grace Cafe

Thesis has taken over my life for the past few months, my group mates and I hop from one cafe to another. At some point we just got sick of our usual study place – Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and opt for something a little bit more ‘homey’ to relax a bit. We tried out Mary Grace Cafe! You may know them for their scrumptious ensaymadas and cheese rolls but wait till you try out their pastas!

We ordered the Grilled Kesong Puti for starters, then some Classic Carbonara and Pasta Amatriciana with Italian Meatballs.

(c) Camille Santiago

Grilled Kesong Puti  (P 123) – The serving comes with 6 soft slices of french wheat bread, in my opinion can satisfy 2-3 people only. 1 slice is definitely not enough! The Kesong Puti is so soft, quite effortless to spread to the bread unlike its regular consistency when it forms into weird lumps with water residue. Taste wise it is absolutely delicious, it has the right blend of spices, garlic and olive oil to balance its natural saltiness.

(c) Camille Santiago

Pasta Amatriciana with Italian Meatballs (P 210) – To be honest, I have this weird mentality that all red sauce pastas taste the same. Some are just a bit more spicy or salty compared to others, with that said I expected this one to be nothing special. But then I was completely wrong! This pasta surprised me in all areas: texture, balance and combination of taste not only of its sauce but also the meatballs and lastly the overall presentation. Texture wise it was al-dente, meaning it’s firm to the bite, I thought it would be the ordinary soft ‘spaghetti’ we usually cook. The taste was unbelievable, it has that mouth-watering smoky taste that balances itself with the tomatoes, herbs and spices. Honestly, presentation-wise it doesn’t give enough justice to it’s taste. The meatballs as you can see doesn’t exactly spell out ‘I’m delicious, eat me’. But to my surprise it was absolutely good, definitely a must-try!

(c) Camille Santiago

Classic Carbonara (P 203)  – Definitely your safe choice to satisfy your pasta cravings. I hate it when the pasta sauce is too ‘watery‘ for a lack of a better term and when there’s no balance ratio of sauce to noodles. But Mary Grace is doing it right, the sauce is super creamy and oh-so tasty, it has the right amount of ratio that will make you want to savor each bite even more.


Mary Grace Cafe is located at Serendra Ground Floor, Serendra Complex. For other store locations please visit for more details



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