Mochi Ice Cream Battle! (Updated)

It’s been hot lately.. intense heat for the past few weeks. One way to cool down is to indulge in some cold sweet treats! One of the ice cream fad this year was the oh-so-famous Mochi ice cream. Few years back you may have heard of Mochi as that chewy topping on your frozen yogurts but now it’s a whole new dessert on its own.

I tried out 3 establishments that serve Mochi Ice cream: Mochiko, MochiCreme, and from a korean supermarket.

(c) Mochiko Facebook
(c) Mochiko Facebook

My first ever Mochi Ice Cream came from Mochiko at Mercato. Taste-wise all flavors are just absolutely delicious; green tea, oreo & milk, cookie dough, etc.  What I love about them is how they always seem to come up with new delicious flavors regularly. But then the mochi itself is too hard to bite, you have to wait for at least 5 minutes for it to soften up a bit. There’s a 80:20 ratio of ice cream to mochi dough, perfect balance.

Price: P70-80

Up next is Mochicreme located at the Mall of Asia. I think this is one of the newest establishments that serve Mochi in the country. I love how playful their brand design is; from it’s color themes to it’s logo.

Mochicreme mochi ice cream comes in 8 flavors:  Red bean, Black Sesame, Blue Vanilla, Green Tea, Mango, Chocolate, Strawberry and Purple Yam. I tried the Blue Vanilla one, and again like Mochiko you still have to wait at least 5 minutes before it becomes edible. It was yummy enough, although surprised to it’s size! It was slightly smaller than Mochiko, with less ice cream and more dough ratio. Although plus points for appearance – it’ll definitely catch your eye from a mile away! I suggest this one for kids, they’ll enjoy it’s playful colors and it’s cute little plastic case it comes with.

Price: P60-65

Last but definitely not the least is this Korean Mochi Ice Cream! I honestly don’t know the actual brand of such but you can find this in your local Korean Store.

I would normally buy the popular ‘fish’ shaped Vanilla and bean korean ice cream, but this time I tried this one instead. I was surprised that it only costs P35 for 2 pieces! Another surprising thing about this one is its texture, it is super soft – very easy to bite. No need to wait even a second to soften up these babies, just open and eat as you wish. I’m not sure how many flavors are available but the store has only one, I’m not even sure what flavor this one is (written in Korean, someone translate please) – (Update) According to one of my readers it says:

“Chapssal tteok Aisu”…I don’t ACTUALLY know Korean (just a few words, and hangul), but based on food knowledge, tteok are glutinous rice cakes (whereas chapssal means sweet rice), and aisu= shorthand for ice cream”


Taste-wise it is so good, definitely a must try.





Mochiko is available at Midnight Mercato, for more information visit their official website

MOCHICREME is available at Mall of Asia, second floor, for more information visit their facebook page

Korean Mochi is available at Mawoosan Trading Corporation Masan Grocery at Cartimar


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Regarding the Korean one that you say tastes like watermelon, the Korean in the largest font reads “Chapssal tteok Aisu”…I don’t ACTUALLY know Korean (just a few words, and hangul), but based on food knowledge, tteok are glutinous rice cakes (whereas chapssal means sweet rice), and aisu= shorthand for ice cream. Glad we both learned something!

    1. iciaramirez says:

      cool, thanks! I’ll update this new info

  2. Delicious! What a great range of ice creams you have. One can also hire colorful ice cream van.

    1. iciaramirez says:

      Thanks! You should try it all out!

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