Grocery shopping: Duty Free

I love grocery shopping for all my favorite types of food, whether some sweets, chips or some healthy stuff – I enjoy it. I go through all the aisles even if I have specific items to buy, I like seeing my other ‘options’. Here are some of my favorite snacks from Duty Free! What I love about Duty Free is the ‘size-proportion’ of their products, everything comes in bulk or doubled size.

Can anything else look more yummy? My favorite drink + chewy cookies + cheddar pretzels + milk, chocolate and cheese crackers! I bought all of these at Duty Free, paranaque.  The chips ahoy and Snyder’s pretzels are available in almost every supermarket in the metro while the Hawaiian Punch (1.89L) and Cowhead crackers are only available in Duty Free (from what I know).

Hawaiian Punch, Fruit juicy red tastes so refreshing, especially when chilled. Can’t really tell which fruits are in by its taste but with it’s cover I guess a mixture of red and green apples, oranges and pineapples! For those people who haven’t tried this, go and buy one now! From what I know the 1.89L bottle is only available in Duty Free, but then the can version is available in supermarkets such as the Landmark, Rustan’s Fresh Market and in the store, Bread Talk.

Chips Ahoy! One of the most trusted and favorite cookie brands in the world. Personally I’m not a fan of their original cookie version (blue packaging) because of its tough exterior, I’m more of a soft-chewy lover kind of gal. I love putting these cookies in the microwave set to high for about 10-15 seconds, just enough to warm it. If you don’t mind the calories top it off with a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream (super craving right now). These are not too sweet nor to soft, just right (available in leading supermarkets).

Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces in Cheddar Cheese: my number 1 guilty pleasure. You know how some chips or pretzels have little cheese on them or only half of the piece actually has cheese? Well that doesn’t apply for this one! Each pretzel piece is completely coated with cheese, I think they used melted cheddar cheese not powder since there’s not a millimeter of cheese-less area on it. They’re crunchy, cheesy and oh-so delicious (available in all leading supermarkets).

Cowhead is only known for their milk.. not anymore. These crackers are so good! One cannot simply try ONE. All three flavors are really delicious, although I find ‘Milk’ the best, then chocolate and cheese. It was such a risk to buy all of these without even knowing how it tastes like – comes in 1 pack with 6 boxes, 2 of each. Good thing I took that risk, ’cause now I just can’t  get enough! I’m not entirely sure if these are available anywhere else, so if you want a sure thing go to Duty Free.


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  1. Nic says:

    Where can i find m&m mint, berry, pretzel, etc (the least expensive store pls)?

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