I apologize for the long delay, had to finish up finals for a while. Anyway, when you’re out in the mall with an indecisive mind as to where to eat, chances are you’ll end up in the food court. Still can’t decide? You should try Meisters’! Hefty servings on a budget. ImageImageBuffet or canteen style establishment; you can see all the available main and side dishes you can choose from. The photos above (and way down below) shows their menu and all the main and side dishes and available combinations.

I ordered the burger + pasta vongole + fries combo, all for only P155! The burger is pretty good, not close to Chili’s and all but yummy enough to satisfy. The Pasta Vongole – taste wise it’s good but as you can see in the photo below it has whole shells in it; it’s not half-open so you can’t eat it. Definitely a decent and satisfying mealImageMy sister ordered the roast chicken in spicy barbecue sauce with bolognese pasta and chili garlic potato. I love love the sauce! Definitely a must-try, while the bolognese pasta is average – ‘pwede na’.ImageMy dad ordered the same combination as I did but got Shrimp and Garlic pasta instead. I find this pasta way better than their Vongole. ImageImageImage

Meister’s is located on Glorietta 4, food choices (beside greenwich).

Rating: 8/10


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