Zark’s Burgers: New Ticket System

Everyone has been talking about this like crazy! The famous 5 inch burgers available in Taft Avenue, Manila (right in front of DLSU-M or beside DLS-CSB). I’m on my 4th year in DLSU and yet I have not tasted such ‘legendary’ burger that even my friends all the way from Ateneo have been craving for. 

To avoid the extreme long lines at Taft avenue they now developed a Ticket system!


(c) Zark’s Burgers 

To keep some order, WE WILL SELL TICKETS that indicate theTIME SLOT and NUMBER, starting at 7 AM on JULY 15 in Zark’s TAFT only!
First come, first served. 1 person can buy a maximum of 5 tickets.

*We will sell the tickets on the same day kasi marami na nakapag plan na pumunta sa araw na yan. Sa mga ayaw sa ticket system, mas ok na yan kesa pumila kayo sa kalye ng 5-7hrs. hehe Salamat.”

-Zark’s Burgers Team

Hope I can get myself a ticket this time! 


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