Mercato: Big Bob’s Charcoal Grilled Burgers

Part 2 of the Mercato Series is all about Big Bob’s Burgers. If you’ve been to Mercato you’ve probably seen this because of all the smoke that comes from it; charcoal grilling to the max!


In terms of taste it’s good, how can you go wrong with beef + mozzarella + bacon right? The taste is  similar to that of Burger King or Big Better Burger. Although I think they should work on its appearance:


The overall look is just sloppy. When I removed the paper cover it was dripping wet! Making the buns a bit soggy (I guess meat’s natural oil). They should really figure out a way to solve that problem, the look doesn’t exactly give justice to its taste! Maybe instead of wrapping each burger individually they should put it on a paper “tray” when serving. Other than that it’s worth the trip!

But then don’t let this little appearance issue stop you from trying them out! The beef patty is oh-so-juicy! I love the smokey taste it has (charcoal grilled) partnered with mozzarella and bacon is just heavenly. Plus their staff is very friendly and accommodating; don’t you just hate mataray employees? I sure wish they serve some side dishes next time maybe some fries, potato chips, pasta, etc.



Rating: 8/10 

If you wanna try Big Bob’s Charcoal Grilled Burgers visit them at Mercato Centrale, go here for more details

Price: P150-P250


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