Mercato: Mama Lou’s Panzarotti

Hey guys, been a long time I know. Well I’ve fully recovered from surgery (thank god) and basically back to normal. Imagine I couldn’t eat fried food and caffeinated drinks for a whole year… To celebrate I had my ‘food fest’ fix that I’ve been craving for a whole year: Hello Mercato!

My next few updates will involve Mercato! If you don’t know what or where mercato is then visit

Mama Lou’s Panzarotti

A packet of dough stuffed with mozzarella and homemade sauce, it is deep-fried to a golden crip, making a goodness all its own.” – Mama Lou’s Panzarotti


Looks like an empanada and tastes like pizza; a.k.a. the Pizza Pocket. I’ve had my fair share of pizza pockets in my lifetime but this definitely is on the top of my list! It is unique in a sense that it comes with three different types of dip; Pesto, Tomato and Blue Cheese. While each pocket is cut into bite size pieces you can see the mozzarella oozing and unlike other pizza pockets that is 70% dough and 30% filling Panzarotti is the other way around.

My personal favorites are ‘Specialita’ (pepperoni, italian sausage, mozzarella, mushroom, bellpeppers, olives, and anchovies and ‘All meat’ (Pepperoni, bacon and Italian Sausage) partnered with some blue cheese dip.

This is definitely a must try! I would literally go all the way to Mercato just to fix my mozzarella cravings! These are absolutely DELICIOUS.



Rating: 10/10 

Mama Lou’s Panzarotti is located at Mercato on the side facing the Turf (football field) – see prices on above photo



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