Wheat Pancakes with Banana and Cinnamon Syrup

Finally tried out the Wheat Pancake mix I bought last week! As a warning I suck at cooking pancakes.. It would always break in the middle. To spice things up I made some banana and cinnamon syrup!

Banana and Cinnamon Syrup Recipe
3/4 Pancake Syrup
1 cup of sliced bananas
1 tsp of ground cinnamon

Mix all ingredients over low heat until bananas are soft. Mix every now and then to avoid over cooking or being burned. Add 1 tsp of water if it’s too sweet to taste (sweetness depends on the brand of syrup you’re using, you can try using honey as well).

Tastes good paired with some Soya Milk on the side.

The box contains 2 packs of the wheat pancake mix; 200 grams each. Each pack can make 5-7 pancakes/waffles.
It tastes like a softer version of wheat bread for a lack of better description. A good alternative for your ordinary pancakes!

Rating: 8/10

Maya wheat pancake mix P75
Soya Fresh around P80


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alex L. says:

    Soyfresh for the win

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