My family and I attended the annual Easter Vigil Mass at Ateneo De Manila University. It started at 6:30 pm and ended around 9 pm; making most attendees very hungry. We decided to eat at a restaurant nearby; Teriyaki Boy which is right across ADMU.

Tempura and Chicken teriyaki bento box
-tempura or chicken teriyaki with kani salad, toge, rice, coffee jelly and Iced tea or soda. According to my dad and brothers is was “good enough” but portion wise it was kulang. I think that’s only true for guys, the portion seems enough for most ladies.

Rating: 6/10

Teriyaki Boy rolls
-grilled chicken with black and white sesame seeds topped with crunchy noodles. This dish is really good; portion wise, a plate is enough to satisfy you. Just put a bit of japanese mayo on top and you’re on a roll to happy taste buds.

Rating: 8/10
teriyaki boy rolls around P215

Must Try! Philadelphia rolls and Philly cheese steak
Rating: 10/10

Frozen Yogurt
I was so curious as to how their froyo taste like, so I ordered a regular cup with Nori Flakes and chopped cashew nuts. Taste wise it is quite similar to that of Red Mango, just a bit more sour. They charge a minimum amount of P20 per topping which is too expensive for the amount of serving they give. Nori flakes costs P20, it looks more like a decor garnish rather than a topping; they should put more to make our moneys worth. The amount of cashews were enough though.

Froyo regular cup + Nori flakes + cashew nuts P118


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