Grilled Pork Tenders and Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

I tried out the two new products of Jollibee for lunch today; grilled pork tenders and chicken and mushroom pasta. Both are unique additions to their menu, which makes people more curious as to how these taste like. I forgot to take photos yet again so sorry for the ‘Googled’ images for this post!


(Photo from PinoyExchange)

Grilled Pork Tenders; tastes just like tocino (minus the red food color). It is quite sweet with a hint of saltiness that will surely leave you wanting more. To make yourself love it even more, it is GRILLED; meaning less oil and more of the good stuff. It surely lives up to its name “Tenders”, the meat itself is quite soft and easy on the teeth but not too chewy. The meal comes with some Toyo and Calamansi but then it is already good as is. This is certainly a must try!

rating: 9/10

Grilled Pork Tenders: P89 value meal


(photo from

The Chicken and Mushroom Pasta; another first from the biggest fast food chain in the Philippines. The first time I saw the commercial for this I was in awe, I just couldn’t wait to try it.

It looks similar to the Pinoy style spaghetti we all know and love with less red color. It actually tastes similar to it but with less sugar and more spice. It had little chicken and even less mushrooms in the sauce. I am a bit disappointed with this one, I was expecting it to be more flavorful and different compared to Jolly Spaghetti.

rating: 5/10

Chicken and mushroom pasta: P77 value meal


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