32 Degrees

With 32 degrees it was such a hot day in the Philippines; you can feel the traditional summer weather already. To cool myself down I devoured some cold treats! I tried KIMI Krazy Banana and Magnolia’s Dare Devil ice cream:


KIMI Krazy Banana combines a gelatin based treat which serves as the ‘peel’ and simple ice cream stick in the middle. hhhmmm.. This is probably the most confused ice cream product I’ve ever had. Yes it looks pretty cool and unique but the taste does not correlate with the look. It looks like a banana but the gelatin peel tastes like Grapes, while the banana center is plain vanilla ice cream. To top it off the vanilla ice cream center is not as creamy as I thought it would be.


Nonetheless, it is quite fun to eat! Just bite off the tip and peel it like a banana. This ice cream is best for kids who don’t really care about the taste. I think that this ice cream would be better if they actually made the ice cream stick banana flavor, that’ll really help the whole product come together.

rating: 5/10

KIMI Krazy Banana Ice cream stick is P18


Next is Magnolia’s Dare Devil Ice cream which is a combination of strawberry and chocolate. The ice cream is soft, almost like a sundae; the chocolate taste is so rich as well. But then the strawberry part tastes a bit “fake” or too artificial; it is obviously not made from real strawberries. It tastes like chocolate ice cream drizzled with strawberry syrup!


rating: 7/10

Magnolia’s Dare Devil, 800ML around P140 


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