I was on the phone earlier with one of my good friends and for some reason our conversation revolved around sushi. I was super craving for some Philadelphia rolls from teriyaki boy while she craved for some Omakase. I had such a strong urge to call 21212 to deliver some sushi! But then yeah.. Gotta save some money for a rainy day (even though it literally is a rainy day).

I rummaged through our kitchen cupboards and found some baby corn and a can of Tuna. And yes that’s what I ate for lunch, being in a ‘No Fat Diet’ and all. Okay so time to write a review of some common items you may find in your pantry:




Jolly Baby Corn. First time to buy canned baby corn and this brand taste pretty good. It has the right touch of salt that it needs; not too much not too little, just enough. The cuts are better compared to other ones I saw because it’s not too small/short, but still bite size. I ate this straight from the can, meaning no added butter, garlic, etc. No added Fat!

Jolly Baby Corn: around P30


Century Tuna Solid in Water: For your weight watchers out there! If you really plan to eat healthy or lose weight eat this one. No added preservatives or extra flavoring, just the tuna with water and salt. It has no unpronounceable extra ingredients added. Don’t eat other ones that says “Lite” or “Low Calorie”, it’s still not good for you even though it is low in calorie. You can never go wrong with Century Tuna! Like the jolly baby corn it has the right amount of salt that you’ll ever need. Mix it up with some corn or mushrooms and you’re good to go!

Century tuna solid in water: around P38 (Also available Tuna chunks in water)


Berri Pure Apple Juice: this is some good tasting Apple Juice. It tastes just like Motts Apple Juice with half the price!  I suggest you try this one out.

Berri Apple Juice 2.4L: P163 

That’s about it for my lunch! I’ll cook some wheat pancakes for dinner and will blog about it tonight!


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