Random food trip

For the past 5 months I’m on a low fat diet; supposedly a ‘No Fat Diet’ but then I have some cheat days up my sleeve. So today I ate at three place; Freska, Noel’s Barbecue and Luk Foo. I apologize in advance not only because  I forgot to bring my camera and opt to use my phone instead but also forgot to take photos of the actual food… It was  just so good to even wait to take a picture.




At Freska I ordered some grilled chicken inasal while my friend Cara got Tortang Talong. The service was pretty bad that time, it took almost 30 minutes before I got my order. Although Cara’s arrived almost in an instant; the restaurant said it was because they placed new coal on the grill or something. But when I finally saw my food, it definitely was worth the wait. Compared to other Chicken Inasals I’ve tried before, this was definitely the best one! Personally this is even better than Mang Inasal’s Chicken Inasal or Bacolod Inasal: You decide.

Cara ordered Tortang Talong with Rice and she was very satisfied. It was good enough to eat as a main dish, not just as a compliment.  I wasn’t able to try it for myself because it was deep fried; although it looked pretty tasty.

Chicken Inasal Petso with rice is P99

Freska is located at second floor of University Mall, Taft Avenue, Manila. Beside DLSU Mcdo.


Noel’s Barbecue, I think it is definitely safe to say that almost all La Sallians have tried or at least heard about it. They serve the best grilled goodies at such a low price. I would always order their best sellers; barbecue and isaw. The barbecue itself is so flavorful and juicy unlike most barbecues you can find on the street. Whatever their secret ingredient is, it is definitely working since you can see La Sallians coming back and forth in between classes just to get their hands on their tasty snacks. This establishment definitely brings out true Filipino culture out of everyone. People don’t go there for the ambiance but for the best street food Taft Avenue has to offer.

Isaw P5, BBQ P7

Noel’s Barbecue is located in front of Beach House along Fidel A. Reyes Street beside De La Salle University Manila



Luk Foo: One of my favorite Chinese Restaurants of all time. Since I’m on the steamed diet I only ordered some dim sum for today. I got some pork siomai and hakao (Shrimp Dumpling). Personally their pork siomai is good.. enough, nothing extraordinary for me. Although their Hakao is DELICIOUS, unlike other shrimp dumplings it has a full big shrimp inside; not half or chunks.

P70 4 pcs Pork Siomai and P80 for 3 pcs Hakao 

Luk Foo located at Sucat Road beside Puregold across Multinational Village gate, near Duty Free and PAGCOR.

Okay so that’s it for today! I promise to bring camera and actually take photos of the food next time!


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